Monday, August 20, 2012


Ryan left the MTC last Tuesday, and his first area is the Poughkeepsie 1st ward. We haven't heard much from him yet about how New York is, or who his companion is, but we'll update on here as soon as we hear from him.

Keep checking back for updates on Ryan, and pictures when we receive them. We'll try to post as often as possible. Feel free to leave comments on here, or send emails to, and we will make sure he gets your messages as soon as possible. (P.S. that gmail address is not his official one, it is maintained and monitored by his family.) :)


  1. Who is the guy standing by Ryan in the white shirt and cowboy tie? Aunt Alison

  2. That is Eric Dickerson, they have been best friends since kindergarten. He went to the Washington D.C. Mission.