Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ryans first real letter from Poughkeepsie

Hey Family!
It's hard to believe that I have been gone for four weeks as well! I have been having so much fun here! It is crazy how different everything is! I am serving in the Poughkeepsie 1st Ward which covers the towns of Poughkeepsie (obviously), Wappingers Falls (which is where our apartment is), Wingdale, Hopewell, Beacon, Stormville, Dover Plains, Millbrook, Poughqaug, Holmes, Pawling, and Pleasant Valley. Hardly at all the same size as our little 3 block by 2 block ward at home! haha :P My companions name is Elder Nevarez. He is such a cool guy. He is from Ranchocucamunga (spelling?) California and is going to BYU. He goes back home in November so he is a pretty seasoned missionary. It is great getting to learn so much from him! I love the spirit he brings and his enthusiasm in spreading the gospel! We are sharing an apartment with another companionship Elder Head and Elder Hill. They are both really great guys as well. I have been suffering with a sinus infection since I got here and they have all been taking care of me. Luckily, I haven't missed a day of work yet because of it. The flight out here was awesome! I have never seen so many trees in my life! It is crazy! The upstate part of New York is so beautiful and green!
I love the people in the ward here. It is strange going to a ward only half the size of the home ward. It is also weird because I am used to everyone being born and raised LDS and I think out of the whole ward only about 5 people are. It is really neat getting to have dinner with a different family EVERY night and hearing all of their conversion stories. I love the attitude they all have towards serving the Lord. Everyone here is constantly looking for people to share the gospel with and they do almost daily. They also love their callings in the ward and do whatever they can to do that calling justice and serve everyone else. (I wish the people in Utah had that same willingness) I love it to because it just pushes me to become an even greater missionary! I was so excited, on Monday I got my first baptismal date commitment! Now hopefully everything follows through as planned! :)
I love all of you tons and I pray for each of you everyday! I love being here and am well taken care of so don't worry at all about me! Keep sending me emails, that is the easiest way to contact me now, especially where I don't have a time limit on it now. If anyone wants to write a letter or send me a package send it to the mission office address. (The Scarsdale address). Keep having fun and enjoying everything.
Love ya,
Elder Fuller

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