Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ryan the Lumberjack Week 10

Hey guys,

My week was pretty good. It has been so stormy here lately! This entire week it has been raining and really windy. I never thought I would say it but I love Utah weather! haha We have been doing a lot of service stuff lately which has been really fun. We helped chop up a huge tree branch (it was bigger than the trees in the front yard) and the chainsaw that the lady had was broken so we had to use an axe. Needless to say we were both pretty sore after that one. In between rainstorms we have helped mow lawns and pick up branches that have fallen down because of the storms. It is fun to have a little break from the regular missionary work. So each week I gain some weight and then I lose some but since I have been here I have gained a solid 10 lbs and I cant seem to get back down below that. The more seasoned missionaries tell me it is pretty normal to gain about 15-40 lbs while upstate and while you are in the city it is normal to lose about that same amount. On Sunday the lady we cut the tree down for fed us dinner, she cooked these huge chicken breasts, a whole pork loin, lasagna, steamed vegetables, Caesar salad, crab salad, an Italian salad which was just olives and cheese balls soaked in oil, pickled vegetables, pie, and ice cream. Every time we would finish what was on our plate she would immediately load it up with more. We were so sick by the end. It was like 100 times worse than any thanksgiving meal! It was pretty bad, especially because she gets really offended if you try to tell her no to food.

Dad, I am sorry to hear you are in a bunch of pain. Hopefully that will go away soon but I am glad the surgery went well. That is great to hear about Kramer! If you see him tell him I say congrats and am proud of him. That is wonderful to hear Mikey ran that fast as well! I wish he would have run Alta as well to get the experience racing. It sounds like he is having fun running though. Is he thinking about running track?

How was the last day of work? Was it weird knowing that you would never go back there with that sweet purple shirt on?! haha I bet everyone there was pretty sad that you left. That's fun that you will now be free to do more stuff.

Spencer you need to stop switching jobs on me man. I'm pretty sure every week Mom tells me that you have a new job! haha I bet that will be fun working at Blimpies especially where you know half the people already and are way familiar with everything. That staff has always been pretty cool. I'm glad the pain went away pretty fast with the braces.

It sounds like both sets of grandparents are doing great! That is good to hear! So my hip gives me some pain every now and again mostly just some stiffness but nothing too serious. Elder Nevarez is a fairly good runner we run a lot slower than I normally would but that is probably better for me anyways. I know I keep asking you for more stuff but that next package you send I could really use that black jacket, the under armour as many of the long sleeve ones as you can find (there should be 3), and maybe 1 or 2 of my flannel shirts. Maybe you can put them in a space bag. You can send it by the end of October.

Thanks so much! I love you guys!

Elder Fuller

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