Wednesday, September 26, 2012

West Point Week 9

Hey Guys,
That sounds like quite the story Mom! I will have to tell the other guys that my mom has a new job as a firefighter. haha It will be weird to have you not be working at Megaplex anymore! You aren't going to know what to do when you can actually stay home all day on Halloween, or Thanksgiving, not to mention Christmas!! It sounds like you are really liking your new job! That is great, I am so happy for you! So my trip to West Point was awesome!!! The history behind that place is incredible! It was way cool to see all of these huge old buildings that almost look like the castle from Harry Potter. It has an amazing view across the Hudson. I didn't know that at one point it was actually a fort for the Military. During the Revolutionary War they had a giant chain built and strung clear across the Hudson to keep ships out. So now for the bad news.... My camera was dead when we got there so I only got one picture and it isn't even that good. I'm sure I will have a chance to go back and I will make sure to take a good battery and actually get some pictures for ya.
Mikey I am glad that you are feeling better! How is school and running going? Have you had time to do anything else fun this week?
Spencer, I hope you are having an alright day with your brand new braces on. Do they feel pretty wierd?
Staci and Rob that is great to hear about the new job and all the fun things you are doing. That is too bad to hear about the lockout with the NHL tho.
Bryce and Crystal I hope you keep having fun getting ready for the baby as well as Halloween. Crystal I hope Bryce hasn't gone too overboard on the Halloween decorations this year.
So this week Elder Nevarez and I decided we were sick of the mission and decided to leave it. haha Not really but we did leave the mission. There is a family that lives in a small town called Tivoli up in the very top NorthWest corner of Dutchess County. They should be in the Poughkeepsie 2nd ward but they attend our ward. It is about a 45 minute drive there and the road to get there goes through Columbia County which is in the Utica Mission. So we left our mission for about 5 minutes. :P They are such a great family though it was fun to see them. So transfers are every 6 weeks. So we had transfers meeting this morning (it is crazy to think I have already been here 6 weeks). I am staying here with Elder Nevarez for his last cycle before he goes home. One of my roommates Elder Head got transferred down to Harlem so I will have a new roommate as of this evening. I got to try fresh clams this week. They were really good. This Columbian lady made us some pasta that had 6 fresh clams sitting on top. New York pizza is way better than nasty Utah pizza as well. So I'm pretty sure I got into some poison Ivy this week. (thankfully I don't think I am allergic to it.) The other guys in the apartment have all had it before and I have the same nasty zit-looking welts they got but mine just don't each. Things have been going really well! Thanks for the package! I was really hungering animal crackers! haha Anyways I gotta run but have a great week! Love you guys!
Elder Fuller

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