Friday, September 14, 2012

West Point 7th Week

Hey Guys,
That is great that Mikey is getting so involved with things at school! That is the best thing to do. I wish I would have done even more than I had. Is he going to play with ultimate team? Is it an actual team now or is it still just a club? That is funny that he and that kid were the fastest ones. I wonder where he gets his speed? haha So is he not running for the high school?
Spencer, have fun with the braces man. They suck but they are worth it in the end. Hopefully they won't put you through too much pain. Well that's awesome that you have been looking for other jobs. Are you still working at UDK and if you get one of those other jobs will you stay at UDK as well? That's funny that it will be that cheap to fix the car and don't know why we couldn't have done it before.
Welcome home Grandpa and Grandma Fuller. I hope you had fun getting to see everybody. It sounds like you are having quite the busy week. I pray that you can get everything done you need to with as little pain as possible. haha
I am sorry you have been having the migraines Mom. That doesn't sound fun at all. Have you talked with Dr. Gorang about it yet? Hopefully they will go away real soon. How is the new job going still? That sounds like a good plan to get out of Megaplex before all of that craziness.
I'm sorry that you still aren't feeling good Dad. Hopefully they can figure out what is wrong with your gall bladder. (and hopefully it won't be something too bad or expensive) We do get the Ensigns but they come about 2 weeks later than everywhere else and I don't find much time to read other things. I will eventually get the one from conference and it will be good to read hopefully I can find some time to actually look at it.
Grandpa and Grandma Jackson how are you two doing? Are you staying healthy? Have you gone anywhere or done anything fun lately?
I have been enjoying things here so much. On Saturday we attended that baptism. It was such a good service and the two girls were so cute. They sang When I am Baptized which was fun to hear. Most of their family isn't LDS so it was a good opportunity for Elder Nevarez and Elder Head and Elder Hill (our roommates (also spanish speaking Elders)) to sit and talk with the girls family. I couldn't speak with any of them because unfortunately I don't speak any Spanish.
On Sunday, we were out doing some tracting after Church. We were walking around and were about 20 minutes away from our car. Unlike in Utah where you see a storm coming in all day and you have plenty of time before you are caught in the storm, here it is 90 degrees and sunny with not a single cloud in the sky and 15 minutes later there is no sun and massive gray clouds overhead. Needless to say we didn't have umbrellas or anything and we had to stand under some trees getting soaked for half an hour. It was pouring buckets of water. I have never ever seen it rain so hard before in my life. It was CRAZY!!
We have been teaching quite a few people lately and have been staying really busy! Elder Nevarez keeps telling me that this is the most people he has ever taught before while on his mission and he goes home in November. So it is really fun to be having this experience at the very first of my mission. I always assumed missionary work is just tracting but it is so much more and a whole lot more fun!
Mom, I could really use my other watch. It is in the window sill in my room. The one I have keeps falling apart. I am pretty sure I left my nice black jacket at home and I will need that eventually. You can wait to send that for another month though. Other than those two things I am pretty well set with everything else.
I love all of you and hope that things keep going better for all of you. I actually get to go visit West Point today with a Senior Missionary Couple who are assigned to serve there. I can't wait it sounds way awesome. I'll be sure to take some pictures for Dad and Spencer. haha Stay safe and keep working hard. Talk to ya next week.
Love ya,
Elder Fuller

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