Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jello Cheesecake 8th Week

Hey guys,
Thanks so much for the package, I will probably get it this friday night. Also when you send the other package with my jacket will you send out a long sleeve under armor shirt and pants. They should be under my bed in a shoe box (I think it is an orange Nike box).
Mom that is so funny that everyone will be quitting Megaplex at the same time. They aren't going to know what to do without all of you. It sounds like all of the medical things are going pretty much the same as always. Hopefully after Dad's surgery everything will finally be all fixed and you guys can go for a few months without anything major. It sounds like you are really enjoying the new job, hopefully you will get some more hours real soon.
That is great that you got all of your budget stuff done Dad. Did you get it done earlier this year it seems like it normally takes a lot longer than that doesn't it? I'm keeping you in my prayers and hope all goes well with the surgery. It sounds like you get to have some fun just sitting around relaxing for a few days.
Mikey it sounds like you have been having way too much fun playing. I think you need to focus a little more on school. haha I never heard are you still running for the high school? and $190 what are you going to do with $190 dollars?!?!?!?! That is way too much money for you to have. You might just have to buy me something cool with all that money!! :P
Spencer, make sure you do everything you can to get your braces off as soon as possible. I found thinking about your teeth moving really helps and makes it go a lot faster. That or I just have some magical powers to make mine move faster.
As for the rest of you I don't really know what is going on in your lives. So hopefully everything is going well! haha
What did you mean they are cancelling meetings for the temple dedication. Like are they cancelling sacrament meeting? Is it just for certain stakes too? You will have to let me know how it goes.
Things here have been going really well. We were under something called a "tornado watch" the last two days. It was kind of crazy! It was raining really hard and was super windy. The work didn't stop though we were out tracting ALL day yesterday in it. It was pretty fun. We were soaked to the bone by the end of the day. We got to go to the equivalent of our 'spaghetti dinner' fundraiser. It was for the young women. They had a potato bar and a silent auction for baked goods. Elder Nevarez and I found a Jello Cheesecake mix in our apartment and made that to auction off. It actually went for $40 which was one of the higher bids on everything. Everyone in the ward felt bad for us because we are just poor missionaries. We had one couple give us $25 to buy something with and one of the members of the stake presidency said he would pay for whatever we wanted. We thought he was just kidding. We ended up buying 2 cakes. One was that orange cake that I told you about a while ago, it was sooo good!! We paid $30 for it and then bought another cake for $10 because nobody was bidding on it and one of the young men in the ward had put down 25 cents on it. We had talked with the girl who made it before the auction and she is barely becoming active again and we didn't want her to feel bad about not selling her cake. So after the guy in the stake presidency bought our stuff we gave him the $25 we had recieved and then had ANOTHER guy offer to buy all of our stuff because "we really didn't need to help out". This ward here takes way too good of care of us. I love it! I love all of you and hope everything goes well in the next week. Stay safe and Have fun!
Love you all,
Elder Fuller

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