Wednesday, September 5, 2012

6th week cooking up a storm

Hey Family,
It was great to hear from everyone. It sounds like you are all doing really good! I hope everything continues going so well. Hopefully everything will calm down at work for a little bit Dad. Thats good to hear you guys got a chance to visit Grandpa and Grandma before school started back up. Is there anything wrong with Grandma or is she just tired? It sounds like Staci and Rob are having fun buying all sorts of new things! :P How are Bryce and Crystal and the baby doing? Mikey I'm glad to hear that school has been fun for you so far. What is scripture football? I don't think I have ever heard of that.
You would be proud Mom, I haven't been eating all junk food while I'm here. We usually have oatmeal or scrambled eggs for breakfast. We do different things for lunch all the time but usually just something around the house. I made stir fry for the four of us the other day, I made macaroni salad, the chicken-bakes with the crescent rolls, and we do left-overs a bunch from the stuff people give us after having us over for dinner. The other night we had dinner at the Oliva's (Ally (the recent convert) and her mom and brother) we had these way good pineapple chicken burritos and then Ally always bakes us a bunch of dessert so she made us these cookies with butterscotch chips and crushed ruffles potato chips. It sounds really weird but they are SUPER good! We are going to a baptism this Saturday for these two 8 year old twins. We have been having family home evening with them every week because the dad split on them about a year ago. The girls are always sad because they don't have a complete family. So we have got pretty close with them and get to see them be baptized this weekend.
We went tracting the other day and met this guy named Elvin who is a born again Christian. We had been prompted to tract this street and his was the first house we went to the whole time we talked with him he was just kind of arguing with us. We set up to go back yesterday to talk with him because he still had some more questions for us. For about two weeks Elder Nevarez and I have been praying to find a family to teach. We went to teach Elvin again and he wasn't home so we went to the apartment on the top floor of the split-level house that he lives in and met this guy named Alex. He and his wife are from Honduras. He was super nice and really receptive to the things we had to say. We think he and his family might finally be the family we have been praying about finding. It is so cool to see all of our prayers being answered over time.
Tell the guys in your mission prep class Dad to really study the scriptures. Everyone always told me it would be important and I thought I knew them well enough. I didn't know anything about them!!!! I definitely wish I would have studied more. Obedience is also the key to everything out here. Last week it had been raining pretty hard all day. My other roommates were on their way home from a lesson when they got a call from a guy in need of a blessing. They only had 30 minutes before curfew and if they did it they would be about 30 minutes past curfew. They called the President and asked if they could go and he said yes. On their way home from giving this man a blessing they were driving down a pretty narrow windy road. A big truck came over a little hill and blinded them with his lights. They didn't see that the road kind of turned there and they ended up sliding off the road. The car spun around a few times and ended up going straight between a power pole and a big pine tree and getting lodged between them. The car was totaled but they were alright other than some sore muscles. I know it was because of their obedience to the rules that they were protected. Had the car been about a foot or two in either direction they would both probably be dead.
I miss all of you and keep you in my prayers. I hope everything continues going well for everybody. Talk to ya next week. Keep doing the things you know are right.
Love you all,
Elder Fuller

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