Sunday, March 17, 2013

Subway Madness Week 31

Hey Guys!

So this week has been incredible!!! Things are going so well!! So on Saturday we had another baptism. Elder Holzer and I baptized a 10 year old girl named Rachelle. She had been coming to church for almost a year with her friend and the missionaries had never done anything to help her. She is so sweet and she knew pretty much everything before we even taught her. So Elder Holzer is the District Leader here and each of the three companionships had a baptism. It was a first in the ward, they had never had 3 investigators baptized on the same day which is pretty cool! So I had to buy a new pair of shoes this morning because it was raining and my other pair had a big hole in the bottom. I found a decent pair at payless that should work for quite a while.

On Sunday we had quite a few investigators show up to sacrament meeting. I think I told you a while ago about the lady we found her name is Elizabeth and she has three kids old enough to be baptized. She and the oldest daughter Kayla (11) came to church. We were so excited to see them!! We had lost contact with them for almost two weeks and we just couldn't seem to meet up with them. We then met up with them Saturday before the baptism and they agreed to come to church. We have so many investigators right now it is impossible to meet all of them each week. It is hard not being able to see all of them all the time and we just seem to keep finding people to teach even when we aren't necessarily looking for them. We will be walking as fast as possible down the street to make it to an appointment and all of a sudden somebody will stop us and ask us about the church or tell us they used to have missionaries over all the time and they want to have us over again. It is amazing all of the blessings the we are receiving right now! I LOVE IT!!!

So on Saturday after the baptism Elder Holzer and I were riding the subway back home. We were going home super late it was nearly 9:45 when we got on the train. We were coming back with an investigator and her daughter who lives in Elder Hajje and Elder Lartey's area (they are our zone leaders and in our district), the investigator and her daughter are getting baptized this Saturday. So we get to our stop and the train stops super fast and we just start hearing the people on the platform screaming. Apparently a young guy tried committing suicide by jumping in front of the train. We had to sit on the train for about 15 minutes and then they let us off and police ushered us up the stairs as quickly as possible. It was definitely not a good experience.

On a happier note we have another baptism scheduled for the 16th of March. It is the grandson of Elva who got baptized 2 weekends ago. It is pretty much the same situation as with Rachelle. He has been coming to church forever, he knows pretty much everything already, and he is only 10 as well.

Thanks for the package! I am excited to get it! Hey I know they are starting to get some stuff out for Easter so if you see some of the large bags of Robins Eggs would you get me one? I would love that!

Thank you guys for all that you do! I am so glad to hear that things are going so well for all of you! Mikey I want to hear how you are doing as the track season gets closer. I mean there is no way you could ever beat me cuz I'm your older brother but you could sure try!!! :P haha Have a great week guys!

Elder Fuller

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