Sunday, March 17, 2013

Yankee Stadium Week 30

Hey Everyone!

Well I am glad that Staci and Rob got everything moved in. That will be really fun for them! Was there anything prompting them to move from the apartment or did they just want to be in their own place? I know Mom reminded me in her email but I really did remember all of your birthdays before. I looked at my calendar and saw that it was already the 20th and I was like oh shoot! So happy birthday Mikey, Dad, and Rob! I hope you all have an excellent birthday.

That is cool that you will be running track Mikey, if you couldn't tell I have really wanted you to run. I think it is just secretly to get my running addiction in some way because I can't really run right now. I did find a track about 5 minutes away from our apartment. Guess what else is 5 minutes away?! Yep the track is right across the street from Yankee Stadium. So when you run down the home stretch you are just staring at the GIANT Yankee Stadium.

That is awesome that Jonny got his call! Isn't Whitney Tripp going to Louisville as well? You will have to remind me when the guys like Cam and Jonny leave, I want to try and write them a letter either email or by snail mail when they are in the MTC.

My shoes are pretty much worn out. I am trying to find a new pair here in the Bronx. I keep finding some pretty cheap pairs but the soles are all like the same as the ones I have now. I really need a pair with a real thick sole. My other clothes are doing great though. I could probably just use some food though. Maybe some more animal crackers :) haha. Oh, we really need some dish towels you could send just like one or two. Oh and new razor blades for my razor Gillete Mach 3. Other than that I don't really need anything. Unless you wanted to send me a new St. Patricks day shirt.

Take care all, hope you have a great week! I know I have promised you pictures two weeks in a row now but I still haven't taken any except for just a couple of the baptism we had on Saturday. I will send some next week after our baptism this Saturday as well. I will try and take some cool ones of the city as well.

Elder Fuller

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