Sunday, March 17, 2013

March Madness Week 33

Hey guys,

Sorry about yesterday. We had a pretty crazy day! Our mission President approved us to go down to Manhattan to watch some March Madness games in Madison Square Garden. It was a lot of fun! There were about 40 missionaries who went and the tickets were only $30 so it was pretty cheap. Somehow Madison Square Garden was a lot smaller than I always imagined it to be. In fact I think Energy Solutions Arena is bigger. It was still neat to see such a historic place.

So I am sure you are wondering how things are going with the changes. So my new companion Elder Kohli is from Ogden. He is pretty cool and we get along great! The new apartment is pretty good. It has had Sisters living there for a while now so the entire place is covered with hair. Even though it is fairly clean and the furniture is still pretty new it is still an apartment in the Bronx though so it can't be too nice. It is kind of lonely living by ourselves though. It is easier to by food as a bigger group and it allows you to change conversations up a little. We find that we just run out of things to talk about sometimes. Things have been kind of slow recently because we have been trying to get the area split up and a bunch of other things have been going on. Then again I think just about anything would feel slow right now after having had six baptisms in our district in the past three weeks. That is two baptisms per companionship! The Lord's work is really hastening! We got the 41 new missionaries in this past week. Turns out 2 more went to Alta I didn't really know either of them that well. The one played soccer I think his name is Stephen McCullem but I am not positive. So all together that makes 6 of us from Alta. They are expecting about 38 missionaries in this next cycle coming up. It is crazy how much this mission is growing. There is rumor going around too that it might split soon and become 2 missions. So with Elder Holzer and my area they split it about as evenly as they could. I have East of Grand Concourse to Boston Rd and South of 181st street to the bottom of the Bronx. Elder Holzer has the piece to the west of Grand Concourse.

So Elder Kohli and I got to give baptismal dates this past week to an awesome family! I might have mentioned them before the Mom's name is Elizabeth then there is an 11 year old daughter named Kayla, and a 9 year old boy Henry, and an 8 year old boy Michael. They are scheduled to be baptized on the 13th of April. Unfortunately we still haven't been able to meet with the Father. We think he might be avoiding us.... shocker, right!? haha We are teaching some other really great people right now as well.

So I guess that even though I am on the other side of the country I am still in sync with you mom because I have been fighting a sinus infection right now as well. I'm trying to get in contact with our Mission doctor to get some antibiotics as well. Its weird though because normally I only get 2 a year one in the spring the other in the fall. This is my third one in the 7 months I have been out and I still have a spring and a fall ahead of me this year. I keep taking the mucinex and claritin as well as the nose spray so I have no clue why I keep getting them.

Congrats on the 6:30 mile Mikey that is awesome! Keep working hard and you will easily improve! That is awesome that Spencer will still be coaching and able to help out another year and to get paid to is even better! haha I did get the package. So when you send things they go to the mission office. Then the mission office gives it to the zone leaders whenever they can then the zone leaders give it out to each person individually whenever they can. I got the package before I even moved though. Thanks for all that was in it and thanks to everyone for the Birthday wishes!! It sounds like Spencer had quite the Sunday with all of those mission farewells. Is Spencer getting pretty excited that his papers are almost in? I did hear that Emilee Dickerson is engaged! That is pretty crazy! I kind of figured it would happen while Eric and I were on our missions but it is still weird that it is already happening. I am still waiting for my invitation from her though haha.

I hope you guys have a great week! Love ya'll and keep smiling!

Elder Fuller

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