Saturday, September 21, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Week 33

Hey guys,
Man it sounds like you had a great day on Sunday! It has been forever since I had a steak! haha I didn't know you guys were keeping a photo album of all the pictures I send. I thought you were just putting them on the blog. I can just imagine all of the laughs that you guys had while playing chicken foot. That game never ends without someone losing terribly or in this case everyone losing terribly! haha
That is wonderful that Spencer is getting clearance for everything so fast! I can't wait for that E-mail that says that he has his papers turned in. Is Spencer having fun coaching? I miss being able to get my running fix in... it has been forever since I have gone for a good run. How is the team doing? How are Kramer and Sierra Knapp doing? Tell them and the rest of the team I say hi.
So will somebody else be helping Dad teach either of the classes or will they just not have the one class while he is teaching the other? How are all of the kids in the ward doing? Have any of the others besides Cam gotten their calls yet? So yes I did have to buy an antibiotic and the mission doctor is a huge fan of the amoxi-clav which takes 10 days to finish and instead of being the nice red and pink capsule or the small pink pill like the z-pack it is a big white horse pill. So that is what he gives me. It helped the first time and it seems to be working this time, I still can't hear anything out of my left ear though (yes the one that ruptured about 5 years ago) so hopefully that comes back soon! Yes, that is fine with the money situation. I will be more than fine! Thanks for letting me know how much I have.
So things have been going pretty great. We are still teaching quite a few people and helping many less-active families come back. It can be kind of hard working with people here in the Bronx. There seems to be a general attitude amongst everybody that they don't have to do things for themselves that others should just do it for them. Most people don't have jobs and don't feel they should so they just live their lives off of government money. It seems like a pretty nice life though! They all have I-phones even the kids, they all wear designer clothes, and their Nike sneakers, they all listen to their music with Beats headphones ($100+), they all have huge tv's, and their pit bulls, and their cigarrettes, and the best part is you can just hang out with friends all day and not have to worry about doing anything or going anywhere on time. Thank you guys for teaching me good work ethic when I was young. I don't understand how you can make it through life without it!
I hope you have a great week ya'll! Love you guys!
Elder Fuller

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