Saturday, September 21, 2013

Apartments Week 56

Hey guys!
I did have a great week thanks! The baptism for Iris is still going on this weekend! I am so excited to see her get baptized!!! This will be the 4th baptism of somebody I have seen the whole way through the process. It is pretty rare in the mission to see people the whole way through the teaching process from the day you find them to the day they get baptized. So it is cool that I have seen so many. I guess it does help that I spent 4 cycles in Poughkeepsie and am working on my 6th cycle here. I have enjoyed not being moved around too much. (knock on wood) I'm almost positive I'll be moved this next cycle. I kind of hope to go back upstate for a little bit.
Who is brooks bingham? And where did Bryan Engstrom go? You did tell me that Spencer was going to be helping coach. That is so sad that they only have 40 kids. That was part of what made cross country and track so much fun was the big teams. Tell Mikey to keep up the good work! I want to hear about all of his races. How are Murphy and Heffner doing?
It does seem very weird having only two of us in the apartment now. It is very quiet and the fridge is very empty (mostly because its the end of the month but still...). haha However, lately when the bathtub backs up it has been smelling like poo. We called and told the senior missionaries over the housing and they called and talked with the Leasing group. They said that someone would be out Monday (and they never came) then the senior couple called back and they said someone would be out yesterday (they still didn't show up) so I don't know exactly what is going to happen. Needless to say it was a boring past two days. We just sat at home waiting for someone to show up and they never did. It kind of sounded like the leasing group would let us break the lease early though so pray real hard that we can move out soon!
Holy cow! That is a lot of awards for the court of honor. Have you not had one for a long time? Or did they go to a scout camp where they do lots of merit badges? I miss getting to mow lawns and build fences and do stuff with my hands. As crazy as that may sound it is true!
Really the only thing I need is some socks. The ones I have are getting pretty thin. I will need to buy another pair of dress shoes sometime in the next month or two especially before winter starts. The Bostonians I have had since the beginning are starting to finally give way.
So I have talked a little bit with Jake but not very recently. He shouldn't be coming home until December unless he is coming home early for something. What is going on with Jonny Jensen? I haven't heard anything about him.
Love ya
Elder Fuller

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