Saturday, September 21, 2013

George Washington Week 54

So Elder Alivio was not offended at all by the tie or the socks. He loved them. In fact that is his new favorite tie. His email is I'm sure he would love an email from you as well as from Jordan Tucker. I know he wanted to thank you for the package. I could probably use another nasal spray. I think I am good on the mucinex and claritin for a while. I still have probably 2 bottles of each. I could really use some new socks though. Preferably mostly cotton or at least a thicker feeling material. The thin spandex-y ones wear thin too quickly.
That is funny that you mentioned the bike racing I was thinking about the TDF this morning. So the weather here today is about 80 degrees and almost no humidity. It was about 60 degrees and a crisp morning when we went to do our laundry at 7 this morning. I thought what a perfect day to be camping. haha Then I was thinking about what I would have been doing at home and realized that I had not heard anything about the Tour de' France. Usually that is a big thing (at least in Utah) but I didn't hear a single word about it the whole summer. I guess the people here in the Bronx could care less about a bunch of white guys in spandex riding around on bicycles really fast. haha That is cool that the race is getting so big. It is really cool that you get a tiny glimpse of what it would be like to watch the TDF live.
That is funny that Mikey didn't want to dance so instead he was out playing with a sling shot. I dunno which I liked more though Mom. I probably would have been dancing with the girls. haha but I does sound like me to be playing with a slingshot. I really wish I had one here. There have been multiple times that I could have used it especially here in the Bronx. I mean the pigeon that pooped on me a few weeks ago would have been a goner. The pigeons that you have to dodge as they try and attack your face would certainly no longer be around either. The mouse problem in our apartment would have been taken care of a long time ago. (we are now up to 13 caught by the way) There have also been plenty of people who could have used a pebble to the backside as well. haha I love these people but some of them really need some bigger clothes or parents who should have taught them how to be a decent human being. I STILL WANT PICTURES FROM TREK!
Does Mikey not like running with Murphy? Or has it just been hard for him to get to the summer practices? Hopefully he has fun running and hopefully he can stay healthy for more of the season this year. Is he excited for High School? What is happening with the new Draper High School? That opens this year right?
So we had a ward bbq this past Saturday. We had a lot of people show up for it! It was a lot of fun. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, and lots of other really good food. There was a big water fight, a big softball game, and a man from Congo named George Washington singing karaoke in French by himself for over an hour ok not all of it was French but you couldn't understand the stuff that he was singing in English anyway so it might as well have been in French. (quick background on Brother Washington he grew up in Congo moved to Russia when he was 30 lived there for 20 years then came to the United States upon arrival here they asked him how to spell his name, seeing as how his name is in only a spoken language not a written language they asked him to pick a name so he picked the only American name he knew George Washington!!) On Sunday we had to sing in sacrament meeting. It didn't go that great... hahah We sounded terrible! About half of us are tone-deaf. Oh well its the thought that counts right?! We sang the first verse of A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, the 3 Verse of I Know That My Redeemer Lives, the 4th verse of APWMOG, and the last 3 lines of the last verse of IKTMRL all to the tune of APWMOG. It was a lot of fun though!

Love you guys!
Elder Fuller

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