Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hot Hot Hot Week 48

Hey Guys!
So I actually new about the heat before you told me. We have a telephone number that we can call for the weather and it will let you check anywhere in the U.S. So Elder World who is also from Sandy checked the weather there and the first thing it says is HEAT!! haha That is too bad that it has been that hot. I would still probably prefer that over the 90 degree weather and the 100% humidity that we have been having. It is not fun! Especially having to be in pants and a shirt and tie. haha
That is so cool to hear about the boys Trek experience! I loved Trek and still have very fond memories of it. Man I miss steak! I haven't had a good piece of steak for almost a year. I remember the Bridge's but I don't remember the Wilkinson's. Hopefully the boys took some pictures or they can get some from somebody who did. I would love to see some!!! How many people did they have in each family? Also it doesn't sound like it was that weird for you and dad to have the house to yourself, I see all the exclamation points after being empty nesters! haha
Hopefully you told everybody hi for me. I miss getting to see everybody! I have a feeling I'm not going to enjoy this 4th of July that much. haha It will be real hard not being able to play with fireworks and go to barbeque's with family. We have a family that is investigating the church having us over for a bbq in the afternoon and then we have another family having us over for one in the evening. We have to be in our apartments by 8 and if the landlords allow people to access the roof we can sit on the roof 'til 10 watching fireworks. Hopefully our landlord will let us and hopefully some fireworks will start before then. :P What are you guys doing for your 4th of July?
This week has been pretty rough. It is hard being in a trio. Especially with Elder Picoli.... It is almost impossible to get him to compromise on anything right now. He has really let the little bit of power he has as a zone leader get to his head. Elder World and I agree on pretty much everything but Elder Picoli we think just tries to be stubborn because he can. He also signed up the missionaries in the ward to help this girl move. Guess when he scheduled it?! The time that he is having a meeting with the president and the Sister's will be gone for that as well. So only 3 of the 7 of us will be able to go...! If you can't tell he has really been bothering me. I can't wait to get my own companion again. Also to make matters worse I found out last night that my missionary support debit card info had been stolen. I got my allowance for the month and within two days it had all been spent. So now I have to try and deal with that mess as well. haha Oh the experiences you get to have as a missionary!!! :)
So I told you last week I needed more Gilllette Mach 3 razor blades I could also use one more bottle of body wash, and a little sewing kit or even just a needle and some black thread I lost mine. Other than that I think I'm good. I will have to try and write to Nate then. Also I heard something about Nate possibly being engaged? Does Spencer know if that's true?
Anyways, have a great week and hopefully it will cool down a little bit for you guys. Have a great 4th of July!!

Love you guys,
Elder Fuller

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