Saturday, September 21, 2013

Camp Liahona Week 39

Hey ya'll,
So we had a very good week this week. Last week was pretty rough we only had 3 lessons when we had had about 15 scheduled. This week we had 8 when we only had about 3 scheduled. We were even able to find a couple of new investigators. It is amazing all the ups and downs of a mission. I love it though and it keeps things interesting. It makes us really have to push ourselves and work hard. On Saturday we were able to go up to Camp Liahona and help clean up the campsite. Camp Liahona is in the outskirts of my first area. It was fun to be back up there and see things. I forgot how different it is from the city haha. I even got to see two of the guys in the ward up there. We had a blast at the Museum of Natural History as well. I never realized how big it was before. We were there for 4 hours and we walked through most of the exhibits but we weren't able to read too much of the signs or really look at some of the stuff.
That is so cool to hear that Mikey is doing that well in track. I wish I was able to be there and see him run. What has Spencer been up to other than coaching track? Has he found out anything more on when the braces will come off? Were you guys also able to ask about my retainer?
That is interesting that Mikel isn't going anymore. Who is she getting married to? Have we heard anything about any of the other kids in the ward leaving soon? Has Spencer had a chance to find out some of those email addresses?
That is quite the cute story with Christian. He sounds like quite the character. haha We deal with quite the characters here as well but most of these ones are only that way because of the drinking and drugs that they do. I will be able to call on Mother's Day. So I will probably call after church. I don't want to have you guys stressing about getting ready for church and then the others can try and be there as well. We have church from 11:30 to 2:30.  So I'll probably call around 3. We might try and Skype again but I'll let you know somehow. I hope you guys have a great week. Love you and I will talk with you on Sunday.
Elder Fuller

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