Saturday, September 21, 2013

Elder Ryan is gone Week 46

Hey everyone,
Sorry for the short emails the past few weeks. As you know we went to the Yankees game two weeks ago and then last week we went down to the temple. Yesterday the internet at the library and the church wasn't working.This week has been very crazy as well. On Monday we had our district meeting. We went out to get lunch afterwards at 2:00 and while we were waiting for our orders to be filled we get a call from the Mission Office. One of the Sisters who work in the office called and told Elder Ryan his visa came in. She also explained that his plane leaves JFK at 6:00 to fly to Australia. We ended up rushing home and with 6 of us packing his things we got him all packed in an hour which was barely enough time before they had to leave to get him to the airport at 4:00 for him to check in. It was quite the fiasco. This whole time President Morgan was in a meeting of some kind and had no clue what was going on. Elder Ryan was on his way to the airport with the Denison's an office couple who are assigned to our ward when President finally found out. He called me and he was not very happy. Not because of me but because he doesn't like getting visa-waiters and the people in Salt Lake promised him that if he took visa-waiters they wouldn't have them leave until the end of a cycle or they would give him plenty of notice so that he could prepare things for them to leave. Well two hours wasn't enough notice for President Morgan. haha So now I am in a trio with the zone leaders. (yes that means I am now companions with Elder Picoli again, it is ok though we are getting along a little better now.) So the three of us now have to cover both of our areas as well as take care of zone leader duties. These next three weeks are going to be very interesting!!
That sounds like the Jackson Reunion was a lot of fun! Is Grandma riding in the wheelchair permanently now or was it just for that day? Hopefully you told Austin and Nate hi for me. That is my second Jackson family reunion I have missed. Tell them they better plan the one next year a little later so that I can make it. haha That is cool that you guys have been finding all of this information about the family. You are really starting to see the blessings of working hard on it.
Happy Late Father's Day Dad. I never remember any holiday or any birthday out here until the day it actually happens so it looks like everyone will be getting late holiday and birthday wishes from now on. Is Maria going to the MTC at all or is she going straight to the field?

I don't know if you sent another package yet, I know you were talking about getting one put together. I could use more of the gillete mach 3 razor blades. So we got a little visitor in our apartment this week. I had that box of candy sitting by my desk and the mouse went through and ate a little bite of everything that was in it. I was pretty upset haha. He has now started crawling over our brand new couch and across our clean dishes. We have now armed ourselves for battle and the hunt is on. I'll keep you updated when we find him.

Other than this things are going great! We are still trying to figure out exactly how to manage both areas but it is definitely making us work harder and plan for things more effectively. The investigators that I am working with are still coming along. I now have about a dozen new people to help teach as well. Things just never get boring around here!
So I have decided that I love going to Manhattan to just watch for members. We went to the city yesterday and ran into a whole tour group of members. They were doing the Heritage tour which is a bus tour to all of the church history sites. We kept running into different little groups of them every few blocks. It is always fun because you can tell they are members before they even see you. They really do just have this glow about them that sets them apart from all the other people. Not to mention they are usually a little bit more clothed then everybody else walking around. haha
I love you guys and hope that you all have a wonderful week. Talk to you next week.
Elder Fuller

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