Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just Barely Week 52

Hey Family,
So my heart was crushed this week. In talking with Elder Alivio I found out that his family back home is very poor and his family doesn't have a computer or access to one. That means no email. So I asked him how he was communicating with his family. He said the only time he has talked to them or heard anything from them was on Mothers day when he got to talk to them for about 2 hours. He was telling me that even if he wrote them a letter it would probably take about 2 months for them to get it with how the mail there works. I can't imagine not being able to at least stay in some kind of contact. He is truly dedicated to serving the Lord and has a happy attitude about doing it even with not being able to talk with his family. I was thinking if you guys had time to take $20 from my bank account and maybe send him a package with some goodies. I know he likes Pringles and chips and chocolate. Not so much candy bars but regular chocolate. I'm sure he would really love and appreciate it. Thank you for always sending me packages and being able to email me. It really made me appreciate all that you can do for me more.

That sounds like you guys had fun last week! Lots to do! I don't know if she told you but Aly's one year mark as a member was 4 days before my one year mark as a missionary. How is Cara's hand healing? That sounds pretty painful!! Hey now... I still have a year left to serve a mission... I 'm not thinking about jobs yet!! haha but ya I would definitely consider doing the bus attendant stuff. I think when I come home I'll probably just work a whole lot until the spring semester starts.
So I love being with Elder Alivio he is so funny and relaxed with things which seems to be hard to find. Lately there have been a lot of missionaries having problems with companions and not getting along especially in my zone. It makes things kind of awkward and uncomfortable because the spirit can't be around. So on Monday a member took us to this little "Chinese buffet" which had a selection comprised of about 1/3 chinese food (fried rice, chicken and broccoli, and egg rolls) about 1/3 Spanish food (yellow rice and beans, fried plantains, nachos) and 1/3 american food (mac-n-cheese, french fries, spaghetti). They had a bunch of fruit as well. Elder Alivio hasn't had a lot of fruit before because its very expensive in the Phillipines. He had only had grapes twice before, he had never had peaches, strawberries, or cherries. So over the last week he has tried a lot of those fruits, turns out he loves all of them especially the canned peaches from the restaurant! Afterwards Elder Picoli asked Alivio what his favorite food there was. Elder Alivio turns to me and asks, "What was that orange fruit I ate?" I ask, "Just barely?" Elder Alivio turns to Elder Picoli and proudly announces that his favorite food was 'just barely'. hahahahahaha Oh man I laughed so hard. I then explained what just barely meant and told him that he just ate peaches. There has been lots of other funny experiences like that as well. For example we had zone conference yesterday and we had 'beagles' for breakfast I mean bagels for breakfast. Thankfully he is a good sport about all of it! :) It keeps ours days interesting though! (haha well at least my day interesting)
I have also been learning Tagolig. (spelling?) I don't know how to spell any of the words but I will tell you phonetically the few words I know.
bok-bok (kind of like the noise a chicken makes)- a lady of the night haha (we see lots of them here as you can imagine)
ba-boy- fat/pig
iyum- dog
ponget- ugly
wok-wok (not to be confused with bok-bok)- vampire
muh-booty- food (haha this ones my favorite) :)
As you can tell I learn words as they come up! haha
Well I would email pictures if I had remembered my SD card reader. Maybe next week. Have a good week everybody!!
Elder Fuller

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