Saturday, September 21, 2013

March 27, 2013 Week 34

Hey guys!

Wow! Congrats Mikey!!! Those times are about what I ran my first track meets! That is too bad that you ended up having the asthma attack but way to go! You gotta carry on that Fuller pride! How is the rest of the track team doing? What the heck?! Bryton is leaving on his mission?! The bum hasn't written me and told me anything! Will you find out his missionary e-mail and tell me so I can write him. Also would you find out how I can best get in contact with Garrett Jones? Either e-mail or his home address. I can't believe he is already home!

Man that sounds like things with getting that house have been pretty hectic! Hopefully they will get it and there won't be any more problems with the house! Knowing our luck though its not very likely! haha How is Cara doing? Is she doing better health wise?

So I am doing better health wise and I am glad to hear that you guys are as well. I could use some more mucinex and body wash. It is hard to get the body wash where there isn't a Walmart here and the dove kind is Super expensive. That is great that Spencer is getting closer to having his papers turned in!! I am so excited for him!

So things with my companion are great! Unfortunately the work has kind of slowed down and we are struggling finding new people to teach. That family that has the baptismal dates had been super hard to get a hold of the last week and a half. Turns out the Aunt passed away unexpectedly from a minor stroke and they had been busy taking care of the funeral. We stopped by to visit them and while we were there a less-active lady who lives in the same apartment building came walking in. Turns out they are best friends and just the day prior to our visit Elizabeth (the investigator) found out that Nusret (the less-active) was a member of the church that she was learning about! Nusret (pronounced News-rett) had actually served a mission in Nigeria and still has a super strong testimony but unfortunately she has had very bad luck with husbands and the one she is currently with won't let her attend church. Nusret will now be helping us teach Elizabeth and her family so we will be getting a less-active member involved again and an investigator closer to being baptized. It amazing how the Lord works and prepares people and ways to do things.

Have a great week guys! Love you lots,
Elder Fuller

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