Saturday, September 21, 2013

Manhattan Temple Week 59

Hey everyone,
Things are going great! We get to go to the Temple today. I am super excited to go especially because they have a new video. The people in the video are from the Scarsdale Ward here. They will be releasing a second video in English in the near future with members from the Harlem ward in it. There is also supposed to be a Spanish version of the video as well. It will be weird knowing the people in it. This Saturday we are having a baptism in the ward and then the following Saturday we will possibly be having 4 more baptisms. The work is going so well right now!! We are still working with the two girls Nia and Paris and trying to get them ready for next Saturday but things are really up in the air as to whether they will be ready or not. If you don't remember or in case I forgot to tell you we have had three baptisms of investigators in the ward in the last month.
Haha Elder Alivio is a great guy. He was so excited to write you guys a letter especially after having received two packages from you. I love getting to proof read all of his letters and help him learn English. It definitely makes me realize how little English I know when I have to try and explain to him the grammar. It usually takes him about 4 or 5 drafts when he writes someone a letter so its fun to see him finally send it off.
That is cool that Mikey has still been able to run so far. I hope and pray that he stays healthy so he can continue running. It is such a great experience and makes school that much more fun. That is funny that you made him finally clean his corner. I can only imagine how much stuff was shoved back in there. What is Spencer up to? Is he just working still? That is no fun that Staci is sick... Hopefully it goes away or at least gets a little better for her. How is Rob doing? Is he still working at that lab place with John Nelson? How is he dealing with Staci being sick? haha How are Bryce and Crystal doing? Is Bryce still helping figure out the technology stuff for the school district? What is Crystal doing? It really sounds like Cara is doing well. She seems like she is quite the little character.
Sorry but we gotta go if we are going to make it on time to the temple. Love you guys!
Elder Fuller

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