Saturday, September 21, 2013

Roofing Week 42

Hey guys,
So if you still love me and know I am well I guess I don't really need to write an email this week?! haha Thank you for the packages I received both of them last night actually. There were plenty of goodies and the apartment is loving them!! Elder Lartey especially says thank you! He loved the gummy bears! By the way our mission gets spotlighted fairly often in church media. The last church news had a picture of two Sister missionaries on the front from our mission and has a picture of Elder Lartey (my zone leader/roommate) and Elder Hutchins (one of our AP's) teaching Ryan (our mission President's son) in the streets of New York. Go check it out. haha I would love the saltwater taffy in my next package.
I'm sorry I wasn't there to help out with the roofing it sounds like a lot of fun...... NOT!! haha That is nice that you guys got some extra help though. If it makes you feel any better though I probably sweat as much everyday now as you all did combined while roofing. It has been about 80 degrees everyday this week and about 150% humidity. It gets so humid that often times it will just start misting kind of like fog which only makes you more wet and more annoyed. haha That is cool to hear about Staci and Rob. What kinds of things do they need to get before they could potentially get a child?
That is too bad that the kids didn't do as well as expected at state. That seems to be the history of the teams at Alta to not perform as expected in high pressure situations especially the running teams. Hopefully they at least had fun doing it.
So next week is transfers already and we will be finding out trainers tomorrow and where everyone else will be on Sunday. I can't believe how fast things keep going. I hit my 10 month mark in 3 days. Other than that nothing really exciting has happened for me to tell you about. We are still teaching a bunch of people but it continues to be a struggle to meet with them consistently.
Dad and whoever else wants to give an answer I have a question. What does the phrase 'by virtue of the priesthood' mean? A bunch of us have heard the phrase used quite frequently lately but none of us can figure out what exactly it means. And how else can you use the priesthood to bless people's lives other than by performing ordinances or giving them blessings? Please help! :)
Thanks for all you do! Love you guys!
Elder Fuller

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