Saturday, September 21, 2013

Transfers Week 55

Hey everybody,
So Elder Alivio just barely got a camera from Sister Carson (his sponsor) so he doesn't really need one. So I think he is doing ok! He is still obsessed with his canned peaches! haha He has to buy a couple cans each week and he just opens it and then puts it in the fridge and he will come sneak some anytime no one is looking. It reminds me of what Michael used to do when you would make frosting. haha And why are you even thinking about who will come to my homecoming?!?!? It is still 11 months away!! haha
Will you send me Alex Dickerson's missionary email? I need to write him. I would send him a letter but he is going to the Mexico MTC so I think emailing would be easier.
How are both sides of the family doing? Hopefully you told them all hi for me. How is Mikel's husband? What did they do for the reception?
It sounds like Mikey will really have fun this year in school. What happened with the split for the new school? The only thing I can tell him about his leg is to make sure he is stretching and drinking enough water. Those were two things that I didn't do as much as I should have and it would have really helped me. The other thing he could do is use that foam roller you bought me. It is in the corner of my closet standing up by my shoe rack. I bought one here and it has really been helping me. You can look up online some different stretches he can do on it.
So this week was transfers. I get to stay for another cycle here in Kingsbridge. This will make 6 in total here. That will be 36 weeks! It is hard to think that I have been here since January. I am ready for a new area but I definitely wasn't ready for a new companion. So I am very glad I'm staying. I decided I want to go back upstate somewhere after this hopefully Connecticut for a while then back to the city right before I come home but I guess I really don't have to much say over it. haha So next Saturday we are having a baptism. Iris Elliston will be getting baptized. I am so excited for her. I have been working with her from the very beginning back in April. The less active named Yesenia, I think I told you about her she was the one who stopped us on our way home one night and was very drunk and wanted to change, has been going with us to the Addiction Recovery Program every Tuesday. She is really moving her life in a very positive direction and is doing so very quickly. I am so excited for her as well! She has two daughters who could be baptized and we are going to have FHE with them on Friday. I love watching people progress in the gospel. It brings such joy into my life.
So Elder Picoli was transferred to New Canaan, CT which is only about 25 minutes from his home in Bridgeport, CT. Elder World and his new companion Elder Hall are moving into a new apartment they bought to replace the one we are living in now. They decided the mushrooms we have found growing from our ceiling aren't healthy. Unfortunately only Elder World and his companion get to move into the new apartment. They have to keep us in this apartment until the lease agreement is up in November or until the Church's Legal Department figures out a way to break the Lease agreement because of health issues. So it looks like we are stuck with the mices, cockroaches, back wash, and mushrooms. Isn't life just great! The new apartment though isn't nearly as close to the church as this one which is kind of a bummer. Also in the new apartment there is about a foot and a half walkway between the tub and the wall and the toilet is crammed in the corner so you can't sit straight on the toilet you either have to wrap your legs around the wall or sit sideways and put your feet in the tub. I guess every apartment has its quirks. haha
I love you guys! I hope things continue to go well for you! Have a great week!
Elder Fuller

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