Saturday, September 21, 2013

Iris Elliston Week 57

Hey guys,
First of all Happy Late Birthday Mom! I want you to know that I didn't forget when your Birthday is I know it is the 27th, wait the 29th?, or was it the 23rd?, I dunno.... anyways... all of the days just kind of blend together here and I just really don't know what day we are on. It really threw me for a loop when we walked into Walgreens the other day and they had up Halloween decorations and had out all the boxes of candy. I thought I missed a whole month!

So the past few days have been AWESOME!!!! To start off with I got to baptize Iris Elliston on Saturday. It was fun getting to perform my first baptism. Then on Sunday Elder Alivio did the confirmation. He was really nervous but did a great job. I got to see Jen Fish baptized my second cycle and then confirm her so it was cool that Elder Alivio got to see someone baptized and then confirm them his second cycle. Then because Sunday was the 1st it was fast and testimony meeting. First of all those are always funny in this ward every person who gets up is not afraid to express things as they really are but it was cool because we got to see Iris get up and bare her testimony. It was incredible to see the growth she had had and to feel the spirit that accompanied her. I was truly blessed to have the opportunity to teach her. Then if you remember we as a mission had a goal for every companionship to baptize someone in the month of September. We are still working hard on preparing Nia and Paris the two girls of Yesenia (the less active who stopped us the one night she was drunk). Our zone which has 13 companionships had 6 baptisms this weekend. We were kind of bummed because Saturday was only the 31st so the baptism wouldn't technically be in December. Then our Mission President pointed out that baptism isn't complete without the confirmation which took place on the 1st. So that means technically we already had our September baptism. :) We are still working hard however to get another! So you know the whole situation with our shower (the food comes up the drain, it often times smells like poo, and it takes forever to drain when we shower so we end up standing in our own filth) ya well over the past week I have developed some kind of fungal infection on my feet and my companion has it on his hands. We get these little blisters that itch like crazy then they pop and the skin dries out and cracks and starts peeling. (if you thought this was the blessing its not but it did lead to the blessing). We talked to Sister Morgan and she talked to her husband and told him that we aren't allowed to live there anymore. haha I guess even though he is the Mission President he still has to follow his wife. :P So over the next few days we get to move out and move back in with the zone leaders. So this will be my 4th apartment in my 6 cycles in this area! haha I love it!!
That is awesome that Mikey got to race down there. That is a fun race. Hopefully he continues to stay healthy so he can keep competing. That is funny that they went to Mesa Verde. Just last night the senior missionary couple in our ward the Finlayson's and another couple from our ward were talking about Mesa Verde and I was thinking way back to when we went as a family. That is cool hopefully they had fun!
Thank you so much for sending the packages. I can't wait to get it and see the surprise! That is funny how Cara eats. I wish I was there to see it. That is crazy that it has been that hot there this summer. The weather is finally starting to break here. Yesterday was beautiful it was like 75 degrees with a nice breeze and very low humidity. We ended up walking everywhere rather than taking the bus or the subway because we wanted to enjoy the weather.
I love you guys. Have a great week!
Elder Fuller

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