Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summertime Week 47

Hey ya'll,
It is so great getting to hear from you every week. Even though I don't get to hear a lot it is fun to at least stay somewhat updated on things. That is cool that both boys got to go on trek. It is such a fun experience! Are they going for a whole week? Where are they doing it at? Martin-Willy or the LDS Livestock? That is cool that they still let Spencer go! Were there any other guys his age that went? I am sure they will have a blast! I still have great memories from when I did it!
That is cool that you got to see Aly again. It is fun that you guys get to meet some of the wonderful people that I get to spend these two years with. It feels like forever since I was up in Poughkeepsie! I officially hit my 11 month mark yesterday. It is super weird! It looks like I will still be here in the Bronx for my year mark as well. President Morgan hinted that I would stay here and train again next cycle.
Ya I actually just got an email from Elder Nevarez telling me he was engaged. It is fun to get emails from friends every once in a while updating me on things as well. Dad told me last week that he was having to move his office. I bet it will be weird for him to work in a new room. He has worked there for quite a while now. Are they doing any renovations to the offices in the theater or just the rest of the building. Why does school start so early this year? Is Mikey excited to be in high school? Is Draper high school going to be done in time?
I bet it is hard for Momma D to send Alex away. It will be an empty nest for the next year but Eric and I will be back soon enough to upset the peace. haha So things have been kind of interesting lately being in the trio. We stay super busy but it doesn't seem like we get a whole lot done. It will be nice to have just a single companion again and just cover one area. Nothing really too interesting has been happening lately other than the fact that we are always rushing to go places because we don't have enough time in the day.
Love you guys,
Elder Fuller

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