Saturday, September 21, 2013

General Conference Week 36

Hey guys,

So I got to watch all of the sessions of Conference. Conference for missionaries is about like the Super Bowl for the rest of the world, you HAVE to watch it! haha I absolutely loved the talks and love getting to hear where the church is going. I can't believe how many of the talks were focused on missionary work. It really shows how much the Lord needs each of us to be good examples and share the gospel with everybody!! I loved President Monson's talk from Sunday morning. I don't know if you saw it because you were probably at Grandpa's and Grandma's house but you have to go back and WATCH it. It won't be nearly as funny if  you just read it so make sure to watch it but as soon as you watch it you will know why I loved it so much! It is cool being able to relate so well to the Prophet. hahahahaha

So the video and the picture you sent didn't work. Maybe you can try sending them separately and if you can, put it in the actual email, not just a link to it. Hopefully Michael is feeling better, what was wrong? Was he able to at least go to the race? That is hard that he keeps getting sick! He needs to try and figure out what he can do to stay healthy and feeling well. Do you think he just over exerts himself at practice?

That is wonderful that Bryce and Crystal were able to finally get the house. That will be really good! I want you guys to know that even though I will have missed helping Bryce and Crystal move and Staci and Rob move I have helped about 5 different people move now and I'm not even halfway through my mission. So.... don't feel like you guys are being shafted! haha That is great that Dad will have a lot of people at his Temple Prep. class.

So you asked about the teaching. Right now there hasn't been to much. We only have a couple of investigators. We are still trying to work with Elizabeth and her kids. I told you that Elizabeth's sister died and so we haven't met with them in 2 1/2 weeks because they have been running around and been really busy with things. We have a couple that are eternagators (eternal investigators) that have been coming to church for over a year now and they keep giving us referrals and bringing friends to the church they just haven't been baptized. They can only meet on Wednesday nights (which is hard for us because we usually have other things going on after P-day) and they can't always meet every Wednesday. We are teaching a little 11 year old girl, Sade (Shawday), whose grandma is a less active member. The grandma takes care of her and pretty much makes every decision for her grand daughter. Right now the grandma still has some hurt feelings because of other members so she isn't sure she wants her grand daughter to be baptized. She makes this girl attend three different schools. One charter school during regular school hours, one singing and acting class that is in the evenings for a few hours, and one dancing school on the weekends. She makes her go to all of these auditions and things as well. It is pretty amazing and the girl loves it but pretty soon she is going to be worn out. So we spend most of our day just walking around the Bronx talking with people and tracting and looking up less-active members in our area. We have about 170 less active members in our area out of the 750 members we have in the ward. The sad part is only about 150 of those 750 members are active. If the whole ward were active they would have another stake! So we keep trying and don't allow ourselves to get discouraged. We feel that we are about to start seeing a lot more success.

Well I hope you all have a great week!

Love Elder Fuller

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