Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yankee's Week 44

Hey everybody!!
So on the retainers I am fine for now. I know we made a mold with Dr. Cook but that's ok! I don't remember hearing about Alex Little that is so cool though! I am glad to hear that Jeremy and Kristie are finally making it to the temple! Are you guys going to go with them? That is good to hear with Bryce and Crystal's house. Do they still have more that they are working on? Are they done moving stuff over and unpacking? Is Mikey excited to be in high school now? I hope he has fun at Lagoon! Is the new Draper High School almost done yet?
That is cool that you guys were able to find some new links with the family history stuff! That is funny that all it took was a little spit. Maybe you should have thought of that sooner! :P That is too bad that the water hasn't been working. :( Hopefully it is just that water filter thing. How much was it? Do you really have to replace all of the faucets and things?
So my companion is Elder Ryan, he is from Sheridan, OR and has lived in Irvine, CA for the last year and a half. He is 21 and loves Asian culture so he was stoked to have the opportunity to learn Vietnamese. So he only stays with me until his Visa arrives. So it could be tomorrow or a few months from now. It is weird not knowing what could be happening. We have been working super hard. It is cool to be able to see the enthusiasm that new missionaries bring with them. We get along great and have lots of fun together. We actually got to go to the Yankees game today! His first P-day here and he gets to go to a Yankees game! How lucky is that especially since it could be his only P-day. I wish I would have remembered last week to have you watch the game and look for us. Oh well! We had a lot of fun the weather was perfect for the game it was about 75 degrees and sunny. It was definitely a cool experience. I will have to try and send pictures from it next week!
Things are going great here! Sorry I don't have much more to write you guys about. Hopefully your week gets better for you!
Happy Late Birthday Spencer!!
Elder Fuller

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