Saturday, September 21, 2013

One Year Week 51

Hey everyone!
Ahh... man... It is so good but so hard to hear about the boys going camping. I miss it soo much!!! You guys are just going to have to miss me for the first couple weekends when I get home!! :P That is cool to hear that the boys had fun at scout camp. I can just picture those boys eating all that food. hahaha I remember eating quite a lot at scout camps as well. That's cool that Crawford's cage actually worked! It is super funny there is a store here I think called Al's camping store. They sell guns, fishing poles, nets, bait, etc., tents, and all sorts of other cool things but it is right in the middle of the city. I get a pretty good laugh every time I see it because its like really? who is buying this stuff that lives in the Bronx!!! We randomly see people walking around with big deep sea fishing poles as well which is funny. I guess there really are rednecks everywhere.
That is cool that you will have Aly over for the 24th. You need to show her what it means to celebrate one of my favorite holidays. I bet that was fun getting to hang out with Grandpa and Grandma and getting to see all of the floats as well. You will have to each tell me about your favorite floats. I Man... It is so weird not celebrating the 24th! I mean at least for the 4th of July some people were still outside having barbeque's and some people were lighting off fireworks so I still got to enjoy the feel of the holiday. It just seems like nobody here cares about Pioneers! haha Well I am very thankful for Pioneers! I mean the Chinese people who pioneered firework's are probably my favorite pioneers of all time, whoever the guy was who pioneered hamburgers and hotdogs deserves an award as well. The people who pioneered floats, and salt water taffy, and the red, white, and blue streamers everywhere deserve a great place in history also. haha Really though all joking aside I am truly grateful for the Pioneers who made their way through hardships and trials across the country to keep this wonderful gospel alive and ever growing as well as to establish the land (Utah) that I love so dearly. These people truly do deserve rewards for the things they went through and I am sure that our Father in Heaven is well on top of handing out those rewards. :)
That is cool to hear that Dad was called to a stake calling. What exactly does the calling entail? Is Spencer still doing the ward missionary stuff with Brother Swensen?
Holy cow!!! Cara is so big! I can't wait to see her when I get home.
So for my year mark I will be ceremoniously changing my sheets and burning a shirt. As you know they tell us to bring two sets of sheets well a lot of the missionaries here only use 1 set for a year then the other set the following year. So I get to change those. We also burn a tie for our 6 month mark, an old nasty shirt for our year mark, and an old pair of dress pants for our 18 month mark.

You will have to tell both sides of the family hi for me when you see them at Mikel's wedding and at Steven Kirk's homecoming. That will be a lot of fun. I hope you guys have a good Pioneer day today!! I love you all.

Elder Fuller

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