Saturday, September 21, 2013

Not quite Mother's day Week 40

Hey guys,
Hopefully Michael's headache has gone away! That doesn't sound very fun! Do they have any idea what caused it? Was he dehydrated? I know that used to happen to me especially when I first started running and wasn't used to drinking enough water.
In thinking about the retainers I know I was clenching my teeth a lot when I first got them but now that I'm used to them I don't catch myself doing it as much anymore. I have been faithful wearing them I only miss one night every couple weeks. I know Dr. Cook thought about me possibly needing a new retainer while I was gone so they took a mold right before I left so that if I did they would already have a mold.
I'm glad you both got your Mother's Day Cards and I am glad that you both enjoyed them. We made them last week as part of our P-day activities.
So you asked about things to send me in a package. I could really use some new garments. They get really dirty really fast here and they are about to get really bad with the summer coming when it will be really hot and humid. You might could even just send me the money to go buy a couple pairs because it is pretty easy for me to go down to the temple to buy some. I love getting beef jerky, granola bars, trail mix because they make for a pretty easy healthy snack throughout the day. Elder Lartey said he would like some gummy bears. haha You could also send me a tube of hydrocortizone for athlete's foot I looked here and couldn't find a tube cheaper than $8. I know you can usually find it for a lot cheaper. I think other than that I am good. Thank you so much for always sending packages. They are so nice to get and I can't tell you the number of times we run out of food at the end of the month and we make it the last 2 or 3 days on the leftover candy or things you have sent. haha
So Aly's brother is only 21 and her mom is a couple years younger than you guys. She likes about the same things you guys do and would be fine with seeing just about anything. Justin (Aly's brother) loves cars and motorcycles. I don't really have any suggestions on places you could go though. I love Utah but there just isn't that many sights to really see. (well at least not compared to New York haha). I think it would be good for Aly's mom Sharon to see Temple Square maybe. I don't know what her standpoint with the church is right now but the Spirit that resides there would be good for her to feel.
I love you guys so much and I will talk with you on Sunday. I'll call you and let you know when I will be able to Skype. Right now it doesn't look like it will be until about 5 o'clock here.  Hopefully you guys have a great week. Give my best wishes to the track team Spencer.
Love you,
Elder Fuller

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