Saturday, September 21, 2013

Home Sweet Home Week 37

Hey ya'll,

So first of all I did get the package. One of the soup packages ripped and there was seasoning everywhere but other than that everything was great! Thank you so much! I can most definitely use the Easy Mac we have microwaves in all the apartments. I don't think some missionaries could live without one. haha So we had transfers today. I am still with Elder Kohli but we had to move apartments because they needed the one we were in for sisters again. So that is three cycles in a row that I have had to pack everything and move... It is not fun AT ALL!! Packing is the worst!!! We now live with the zone leaders. I absolutely love the one zone leader and the other one was just made AP, guess who was just made our new zone leader. Since you will never guess I will tell you, Elder Picoli. Yes, the same Elder Picoli that I was so excited to leave just two short cycles ago. Apparently I didn't learn all I needed to the first time or the Lord just has a really good sense of humor. haha It will be good though I am determined to make the best of it. 

That is great that you guys were able to help get Bryce and Crystal moved in after a little bit of remodeling. Now hopefully they stay there for quite a while. So now it sounds like you guys have retired from the moving business for at least another year and 3 months. Then I will have to come home and find some different places to move around to so that I can help keep you guys active! haha I can't believe I am coming up on my 9 month mark. 

That is cool that you learned a little something from the mission prep class to help you teach the temple prep class. That is the first thing we do when we go to teach people is find out their expectations and questions. We then move on to help them understand our purpose which is to HELP (not hope) them unto Christ in this case the temple! It is amazing how much the things I am learning here on the mission apply so well to the real world. It is no wonder so many members of the church are so successful in life. I pray that you will continue to be able to help each of those people prepare to enter the temple. 

How is the paperwork coming along for some of the other youth in the ward for missions? Is Jonny going on his mission anytime soon? How is Spencer's coming along? Is he just waiting for those darn braces to come off? Is it looking hopeful that they might come off early? ALSO could you ask Dr. Cook how long I am supposed to wear my retainers for? The one I have started to crack. I still try to wear it every night just because if I go without it for a few days it is hard to put them back on so I can tell the teeth still have a tendency to want to move. Don't worry about trying to get them for me right away though I think I can milk the ones I have a little more just ask and see how long I should be wearing them and how much the new set would cost. 

That is so great to hear that Michael was able to run! I pray that he continues to feel well so that he can. Those are some pretty good times! Any news on Kramer or Sierra Knapp for me? I would love to be able to write Garrett especially and Kyle and Brian as well. They changed the rules on who we can email to make it so that we can email whoever we want as long as they don't live inside the mission boundaries. So if you gave them my email or got there emails for me (hint, hint) I could write them if that is the easiest for them.

The weather is definitely starting to warm up here and the clothes are definitely starting to come off. haha We definitely see stuff everyday that we probably shouldn't (or in some cases would even want to)! The good part is there are more people out to talk to and they do seem to be a little more happy and accepting but it makes it that much harder to catch people at home. We only had 4 lessons last week but we ended up getting 6 new investigators! haha ya... figure that one out! It is fun though even though we aren't teaching ALL the time we still know how to enjoy the work. I really feel that there are definitely some great things to come very soon for us though. So one of our new investigators will be interesting to work with. He has fallen quite a ways and has hit pretty much every branch on the way down. He has done all sorts of drugs, has been in and out of jail (I know one of the times he was charged for rape even though he was at work when it supposedly happened) and is now trying to find a job and go to school to support his two children. He really had no hope when we first met him, he felt that there had been a cord between him and God before and because of the things he had done that cord had been snipped. He absolutely loves the atonement (as he should) and his attitude has really changed already. It will definitely bring some new experiences to the table trying to work with him though. I love being able to see how Christ can really change each one of us through the Atonement no matter how tough the person may seem. 

So I dunno if I told you but last P-day we went to the Empire State Building again this time for free and during the day so it was cool to see it from a different perspective. 

Everything else is going well though. I hope you guys have a great week and enjoy the beautiful spring weather while it lasts. 

Love Elder Fuller

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