Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bronx Farm Week 53

Hey ya'll,
Thank you so much for sending that package to Elder Alivio!!!!! It came on Tuesday with the mail. He loved it a lot! Especially the can of 'Just barely's' which are already gone by the way hahaha. It was so much fun to watch him open it! It was like a little kid at Christmas time! It took him like five minutes to open it because he couldn't believe it was for him. He was so confused that he got a package. He was definitely surprised when he started reading the note and saw some Tagolog (sp?) on there. He said it was right except for the first word. So good job! Did you ask Smitty or google translate? Where exactly in the Phillipines did Smitty serve? Good job on picking the tie out Spencer! He really liked it! He is very excited to try all of the different canned fruits. We filmed the whole thing unfortunately it is too long to email. So you might just have to wait until I get home and get the video.
I am glad you were able to get a route that you wanted, Mom. That will help to make working a little more fun! What were you sick with on Sunday? I hadn't heard anything about that! Have the Dr.'s said that is what it is? It sounds like you had a busy week cleaning and doing yard work. Hopefully Staci's home passed the inspection! Does she know when she will find out? Wow it feels like the summer just blew by! I can't believe they have already had the Pepperwood reunion. Did most of the family make it this year?

So we are continuing to work hard. Iris Elliston who is a 60 year old Jamaican lady has finally accepted a baptismal date for the 31st of August. After a dry spell of 4 months we finally have another baptism scheduled. I have been working with Iris since about the end of March. She is such a sweet lady. Unfortunately she works as a home health nurse so she can't make it to church all the time so that has been holding her back. Not more than 3 days after we set the date did President Morgan decide to challenge everyone to have a baptism in September. We debated moving it back just one day to meet President Morgan's challenge but decided not to. haha  So we are still praying to find someone who could be ready for September. We got a whole bunch of online media referrals the last two weeks so we are hoping one of them will turn into something!

So we got to do some service on Saturday. My entire time here in the Bronx I haven't done any service. There just really isn't a whole lot you can do aside from working in a soup kitchen. One of the other Elders found a little community garden that they work in every Saturday. They just started trying to clean this one up. It had been over-run by weeds and garbage so they are getting it back to where they can plant things. We picked up garbage on Saturday and we found all sorts of interesting things. We found 3 knives, a handful of syringes, a bottle of prescription medicine, enough broken pieces of glass bottles to fill a Catholic church with stained glass windows, a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition calendar, some pirated DVD's, about $6 worth of plastic bottles and cans (each is worth 5 cents), and about 7 mismatched shoes. haha We also filled about 5 large garbage bags of weeds. We did this as a district so there were 8 of us there. It was a lot of fun! It was especially nice to get dirty after about 8 months of not being able to. haha

I love you guys!
Elder Fuller

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