Friday, November 9, 2012

Elder Nevarez last week Week 15

Hey guys,
That is crazy to hear that those guys are coming home from their missions. Both Winegar's are coming home? I know they left almost 3 months apart. That is crazy that Shane Frogley is still without power. I completely forgot that he was in that mission. Are all of the missionaries there doing alright? Today during transfers they told us that there is still a huge possibility of some of us going down either to that mission or to the South mission to help out. They said the clean up will be going on for a few months and they are trying to figure out how to tactfully get us down there to help out and find out what exactly we can do that will be most beneficial. I will let you know more as I hear about it. That is so cool that Gilly will be going on a mission! Did she turn in her papers like as soon as she found out that she could go? I'm excited for her I think she will be a fantastic missionary.
That is wonderful that all of you guys are starting to do a little better. Hopefully Mikey recuperates quickly and can get back to school soon. I'm glad the rechartering wasn't as difficult this year. With any luck they won't reject it again this year. haha I don't receive Eric's weekly letter but we have written a couple letters back and forth to each other. Neither of us could go without talking to the other.
So this past week Elder Nevarez and I worked super hard to help Elder Nevarez have a good last week. One of our newer investigators, I think I told you about her, Maria is getting really close to accepting a baptismal date. Maria is a single mom and has two sons, Gonzalo and Patrick Jr., and hopefully in the next few weeks we will start teaching Gonzalo because he is 10. His problem is he acts out a lot because he has severe ADHD and he hasn't had too much discipline since his Dad died. We met a new lady named Monica and she has been doing research on her own for a few months about the church and recently contacted us. She told us that she already wants to be baptized and wants to join the church but she said she needs to be taught everything first and she needs to move into a project house. She is just waiting on the government to finalize some things.
So I have always been terrible at remembering scriptures and where they are at and so it is hard for me to use them in lessons. The other day we were teaching Maria and during the lesson everytime she said something I immediately thought of a scripture that would apply perfectly to her situation or what she was talking about. It is amazing what the Holy Ghost can help you do if you learn to listen to it and if you are doing your part as well. It was neat to feel the Holy Ghost that strongly in my life. I love the help and guidance that we can all receive from it if we live worthy to have it in our lifes.
Is Spencer in Brother Osborne's class? I loved his class and I feel terrible for not having the time to tell him I got my mission call and see him before I left.
So my new companion is Elder Picolli. He was born and raised in Brazil until he was 17 then he moved here to the U.S. He loves to play soccer (of course) and loves playing volleyball. He is such a cool guy and I can tell we are going to get along great! I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with him.
As far as needing anything I can't really think of anything that I absolutely need.
Well I hope you guys have a great week! I'll try and enjoy this storm that is going to hit us this week. It is already snowing here because of the storm so hopefully it doesn't get too bad! I love you guys! Stay safe and have fun! :)
Elder Fuller

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