Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Staten Island Week 17

Hey guys!
So to start off with we did end up going to Staten Island on Saturday. Unfortunately I'm an idiot and forgot to take my camera. :( I did get one picture from the guy who we helped. He is the one standing next to me in the picture there are two other missionaries in the picture then the rest of the guys are from the ward I serve in. We helped that guy bust tile out of his basement. His basement was probably 40'x50' and completely tiled. Under the tile was anywhere from 1/2 an inch to 3 inches of cement. it was such hard work and we were so sore the next few days but it was so fun!!! It was crazy to see all of the damage that was done. It was so surreal to see it in person and not just see pictures.
I am going to miss spending Thanksgiving with you guys as well! It will be weird waking up in the morning and not smelling a turkey cooking. It will be weird to not watch the parade either. We will be going to two different families dinners tomorrow. The first one is the Hanson's and the Sikora's. Brother Hanson is the one in the picture that I forwarded that has his vest off and is holding it up. The Sikoras are his parents-in-law. We are going there for the afternoon. Then we are going to the Pineda's a family from the second ward (our roommates area) around 6 to eat another dinner with them. I am going to be full for days afterwards! haha I wondered the other day actually about how much milk you guys use now that I am gone. I drink a gallon by myself in a week and a half. haha
I talked with Aly today and she said she tried calling and said she talked with someone, it sounded like maybe Spencer. I can't wait to see her pictures when she gets back. I miss the mountains so much!! I know it sounds weird but I really do!
Elder Picoli and I are getting along great we continue to have some really funny moments together and some really spiritual ones as well. We finally got this family that I have been teaching since I got here to come to church. They loved it and couldn't believe they kept making excuses not to go. Our investigator Maria has made so much progress. She was seeing a therapist everyday when we first started teaching her because she had depression. The therapist kept telling her that she was crazy if she was praying because there is no way God could ever hear or communicate back with her. She told us just the other day that she has since stopped going to that therapist because she feels happier all the time now and because she knows that she isn't crazy having communication with God. It is so great getting to see how much the gospel and prayer can change a persons life.
Momma D. Thank you so much for those packages! I love getting them and it is killing me having the package with all the little gifts that I can't start opening until December! haha I can't wait to see what is inside!
I love you guys! I am THANKFUL for all everyone has done for me in my life and continues to do for me in my life. I am especially thankful for the gospel in my life. Have a great week!
Elder Fuller

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