Friday, November 9, 2012

Meeting an Apostle Week 13

Hey Guys,
So this week has been AMAZING!!! On Saturday we got to go down to Scarsdale and hear from Elder D. Todd Christofferson. He walked in and the first thing he wanted to do was meet everyone and shake our hand. It was really cool that he would take the time to go around and meet all of us (there is about 150 of us). He talked a lot about how to become truly converted to the gospel and how that will help us teach a little better. He left an Apostolic blessing with us which was really neat to get a blessing from an Apostle! He is such a nice guy and super funny. He has four brothers who came with him and they all look exactly the same. After the meeting with Elder Christofferson we went out and had lunch with a bunch of the other missionaries. It was fun to hang out with everyone for a little while. In the evening we went to our investigators baptism. It was such a neat experience to see her being baptized and knowing that we were able to help her understand God's plan for her and help her make that essential covenant. On Sunday I was able to confirm her. Since that was my first time ever to be a part of a confirmation and to actually do the confirmation it was fun! I loved being able to welcome her into the church and onto the path that has been set before her. Last Wednesday for P-day we got to go do the walkway over the Hudson. It was cool to be able to see that far down the Hudson River especially since all the leaves are changing. It was really pretty.
So yesterday was Elder Nevarez's birthday. I had told all of the guys in our zone to call and text him all day because I knew it would bug him just because he is so darn humble. We had an appointment with Alicia Carballo and Brother Smith. Alicia is a member but we have been reteaching her because when she was first baptized it was only because she was converted to the missionaries. She didn't understand anything. So we got to the church for our lesson went inside to wait and Alicia calls. She tells us to wait outside in the car for her. So we are like OK? So we are waiting in the car she calls back and says I need your help picking something up but I'm not pulling in the parking lot so just follow me. So we wait for her to drive past and pull out behind her. We followed her for like 15 minutes and then she finally went to turn into a little strip mall. We started looking at the stores and we see a vitamin store (we think nah... she wouldn't need our help picking up vitamins) then we see a carpet/rug store (and we think oh boy do we have to try and fit a big roll of carpet in our little subaru) then we see a mattress store (and we go ok there is no way a mattress is fitting in here) then we see a store that sells exercise equipment (and we look at each other and go ok there is definitely no way we can fit a treadmill in either car). Thankfully she just made a U-turn and kept going. She and Brother Smith took us to a Japanese Steak House for lunch. Elder Hill and Elder Petersen (our roommates) destroyed our room. They put probably 50 balloons in it they covered everything in confetti and tinsel and threw little candy bars all over. That was just the icing on the cake for our day and all Elder Nevarez could do was laugh it was really funny to see him get so much attention. Elder Nevarez is in the city today to watch a Newsies on Broadway before he leaves. So I get to spend the day with some of the Missionaries in Connecticut. We slept at their apartment in Danbury and we are going to a members house here where he has a huge barn in his backyard that is like a Boondock's shoved inside a barn. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun.
I don't know if I will need a warmer coat yet or not. I still go running at 6:30 in the morning without wearing anything more than shorts and a tshirt. I will let you know though. I usually don't get cold too fast so we will have to see. The under armour and the jacket might be plenty. Thanks for sending that stuff too by the way. I got it on Saturday when we went down to the city. I also got Bryce and Crystal's package it was fun to get all the goodies. Tell them thanks a ton! All of us really loved the chocolate covered pretzels and the little chocolate ghosts.
That is wonderful to hear about Kramer Morton. If you guys see him tell him congrats for me and that I wish I could have seen it!

So the girl in the white is obviously Jen from the baptism. The other girl is Aly Oliva. There is a picture of our room trashed from yesterday and some of the pictures of the walkway over the Hudson. I'll send some more later.
Love you guys,
Elder Fuller

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