Monday, November 19, 2012

New York Hot Dogs Week 16

Hey guys!

Wow!!! That is a lot of snow! We got about 3 inches last Wednesday and everyone freaked out and then it was all melted by the next day. I can't imagine what would have happened if we had gotten 22 inches. haha I bet it would have been lots of fun to have that much snow to play with.

So Aly Oliva is going out to Utah by herself to check out The U and BYU then she will be going up to BYU-I she is going out for 2 weeks. She flys in on Thursday evening. I gave her the address and the house phone and told her if she needed anything she could call. She is a super nice girl. She is staying with some friends out in Utah but maybe if she calls you guys could take her out for dinner or something. Don't feel like you have to do anything though.

So my new companion Elder Picoli is awesome! We get along great (which is good because you know how well I get along with everyone, haha :P). So our third night together we ran over a possum (watch for pictures) and we have already had some other great experiences together. For example we had to drive down to Scarsdale the other day because I had to take a driving test that I took before and they lost my copy. While we were down there for the day we went to a little local restaurant that specializes in hot dogs. We got the strangest ones we could find the first one we had was called PB&J Crunch and as you can tell by the name it did have peanut butter and jelly but to top off the hot dog and give it the "crunch" they sprinkle Cap'n Crunch on it. The second one we had was S'more dawg. It was a hot dog covered in marshmallow cream, chocolate syrup, and crushed graham crackers. I know, I know, sounds disgusting right? Actually both of them were pretty good! I mean you couldn't eat them all the time but every once in a while on a special occasion they were pretty good! :)

Our investigator Maria (I'm pretty sure I have told you about her) is getting super close to accepting a baptismal date. I love working with her and I have seen her grow so much in the last 5 weeks. It would be so cool to see a second person from start to finish in accepting the gospel. I love getting to help people learn of the happiness and joy that the gospel can bring into our lives. My eyes have really been opened as to how much happiness really does come from living the gospel. I am so grateful to have it in my life!

So this coming Saturday we get to go down with the Stake here and help out I think in Staten Island. The stake is getting a couple school buses and taking a trip down there to help out and we got permission to go down with them. It will be the first real damage I will see in person. I can't wait to go help out down there. It will be a lot of fun. Our mission President is still seeing what he can do to get all of us down there for a weekend or so. I know there is a lot of people down there who are really going through a lot. I can't wait to help them out.

It sounds like you guys had a great night getting to hang out together. Keep having fun while you guys are there together because soon enough Spencer will be gone and Mikey will be off doing is own thing. haha I know you guys think it won't come soon enough but those memories of being with the family are so important. That is cool that all of those guys got there mission calls. I'm excited for all of them, especially Gilly. When I heard the change in age for girls I immediately thought of her and wondered if she would go. I know they will all love it and have a great time serving the Lord.

Tell everyone hi, and tell Uncle Erik I will try and answer some of his questions in my next email. It is hard we don't have much time to write emails or letters. I wish I could write everyone that writes me when they write me.

Love you guys tons,
Elder Fuller

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