Friday, November 9, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Week 14

Hey guys,
So one of my favorite scriptures is 2 Nephi 32:2-3!
So this week has been interesting. On Friday we had a ward Halloween party. It was fun to see everyone in costumes. Elder Nevarez and I made some chili to take for the pot luck dinner. We are getting pretty good at making way good food out of the most random things leftover in our apartment. I must be getting old too, after the halloween party I felt like Halloween was over and today doesn't feel at all like Halloween.
So Sunday night we got a call telling us that we had to stay inside on Monday and Tuesday and weren't allowed to go outside at all. It was SOOOOO boring!!!!!!!! The Hurricane only really damaged the city. All we got was about 3 hours of rain and some wind. There really isn't much cleanup to do where I am at so we will be back to tracting immediately. So on Monday we woke up and exercised and did our studies. We then played three rounds of Ticket to Ride and that only lasted us until noon. We ate lunch then played Mormon Mania which is the Mormon edition (non face cards) of Nerts. We played that for like 3 hours. We watched some of the Mormon messages that a member put on a DVD for us. (speaking of Mormon Messages go watch the one called The Lord's Side of the Line I was watching it and all of a sudden Brother Lomu my old seminary teacher pops up it was kind of weird). We then made the creamy potato soup that Bryce sent me (it was really good and we all loved it). We then played phase 10 for the rest of the evening the day went by so slow! On Tuesday we played Monopoly for 5 hours and sat around listening to music for a while then we got a call saying we could go out and do service. We tried finding some and couldn't. We went and had dinner with some members and the Husband cuts trees for a living. He got a call from a friend that had a tree fall on his driveway. So we went and helped him cut up this tree at 8:30 at night I'm sure the neighbors weren't too happy. haha :)
That was quite the crazy costume Michael. What else are you guys doing for Halloween? Did you guys decorate the yard at all? Did Bryce do his? So since it is our P-day and Halloween it is considered an eternal P-day. Our P-day goes until 6 and then we have to be in our apartment at 6 for the night. So once again we will be going crazy with nothing to do.
That is crazy that Elder Christofferson is coming to talk to you guys!!! I guess I'm not missing out on anything! :P He gives some amazing talks! Some advice before you go listen to him: 1- Take a dictionary 2- Be ready to pay close attention because he packs tons into what he is saying 3- Beware of that eyebrow!!! It will pierce your soul! haha

Tell everyone I am ok. Tell Joey I got his letter and am working on writing him one back. It is hard to write everybody, I haven't forgotten him though. Tell people that they can send me an email with their address and I can write them back. I love you guys hope you have a fun week ahead of you!
Love Elder Fuller

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