Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Little Miracles Week 25

Hey guys!

That is funny that Mikey got to ref the Elder's game. I can just imagine all of those older larger guys getting mad at him. It probably helps that Michael has grown a good couple of inches he is probably close to the same height as some of the other guys now at least. That will be fun for Michael to go on Trek! I loved the experience I had while on Trek! Do they know if they are doing the Livestock ranch or the Martin-Willie Trail?

That is great that you were able to get appointments for Spencer so fast. Hopefully that is all that it will take is one visit and they will just sign everything. That is cool that he will hopefully be out by his birthday.

That is great to hear the news of where everyone is going. I'm assuming Ashley will be French speaking? You guys will have to tell her congrats for me and if you can find an address for her could you send it to me? That will be fun for her though. Have you heard anything about Gilly going on a mission? That is sweet that Maria will be going to Peru. As far as Devin Zundel I don't think I know him, I went to school with a girl named Taylor Zundel so maybe they are related?

That is cool that Staci and Rob almost have the house. I can't wait to see some pictures. The video of Otis was hilarious by the way!! I was so excited to hear the news about the baby this week! Thanks a lot for letting me down guys! haha Good luck, I can't wait to hear everything next week though!

So we finally reset a baptismal date for Maria Ganley this week. She broke up with her boyfriend who wasn't willing to keep the law of chastity with her and she has finally given up drinking despite her family and friends efforts to keep her from doing so. She is working towards the 23rd of February and is really excited about it. Susan Caulfield is still working towards the 9th of February. She is quitting smoking and has finally overcome some health challenges and has the determination to make it to church every week despite her health. I am so excited for these two women to make this big change in their lives. Other than that though this week has been pretty uneventful. We had a lot of tracting time this week and so far it hasn't provided any immediate results.

Oh I remembered a miracle that just happened last night actually. So we have been going out with a member from our ward to look up less active members. We have had to remove some names of people who have moved out and if we don't find the person home we leave a note asking them to call us. We went to see this guy named Jeff. We knocked on three different doors (that is the one bad part about houses here you can never tell which is the front door). We left the card and started to walk away and as we were walking down the stairs and an old lady opened the window and started yelling at us. She told us that Jeff didn't live there though. We had already left the card and Elder Picoli asked me if he should go grab it. He turned to go get it and the lady was still watching us so we just decided to leave the card. About 3 and a half hours later we got a phone call from Jeff. We were in our dinner appointment and missed the call though.. So we returned the call and no one answered. We were kind of bummed. We were saying our nightly companionship prayer and I was asking that we would be able to get in contact with Jeff and not 5 seconds after I said that we get a call. I paused and we both looked at each other. Elder Picoli grabbed the phone and turns out it was Jeff! We talked for a while and unfortunately he had been moving around a bunch lately and was in Louisiana right now. He knew that he was coming back to New York in about a year though. He was telling us that he loved the church and wanted to stay in contact with it so he is looking up a church in Louisiana to attend for now. He was so happy we called though, he thought that the church had forgotten about him because they hadn't tried to make contact with him for almost two years. He told us also that the old lady was his mom and his friend is living there now as well and when the friend got home he saw the card and gave Jeff the message. It is incredible the miracles you can see while on your mission.

Hope all goes well this week for you guys.

Love ya,
Elder Fuller

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