Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Slightly Larger Family week 26

Hey slightly larger family of mine!!

Congratulations Bryce and Crystal! That is so awesome! She is a beautiful little girl! I can't wait to see how she starts growing. It will be weird that she will be almost exactly a year and a half when I get home. That is so exciting! Cara just demanded to be born on a holiday like her favorite Uncle! haha Sounds like she barely made it though.

I'm sorry the weather has been so bad there in Utah it hasn't been too bad here. This week has been the coldest so far this winter the temperatures have stayed in the high teens almost everyday. It still isn't too bad though. It sounds like you were all pretty busy this week. Staci and Rob I need to see some pictures of the new pad.

So you guys asked about the lunch with Alicia and Ray. First off she did a pretty good job getting things ready. I was so surprised how much effort they went to to have things ready. It was funny so we got there and Alicia turns to me and says I need your help. I agreed and she pulls a bowl of stuff out of the fridge and some cans of crescent rolls. She turns to me and goes you've made these before right?... and I was like ya...? So I have to sit and make all of the chicken bakes. She made us black bean soup, macaroni and cheese, the chicken bakes, breaded chicken tenders and the brownies. So the brownies.... First off she said she mixed everything together and then realized she hadn't added the sugar so she added the sugar very last. The brownies tasted pretty well but she made them in a smaller cake pan so the brownies were really thick. The outside was cooked just about right and the inside wasn't hardly baked. It was pretty funny! I still can't believe she went through all of that effort for me. I have thanked her like a million times. Everything else turned out really good!

So we had an appointment last week with this guy, Mr. Wright. He was a referral from a member in our ward. The member promised us that he would be there to introduce us and to stay as we had the discussion. We show up and are waiting for the member. The member doesn't show up and we call him and he says he ended up going down to the city and won't be able to come. Well Mr. Wright already knew we were there waiting. So the member begs us to go talk with him anyways so we go in and introduce ourselves. Turns out Mr. Wright wasn't interested in the church he just wanted to argue with us and try and prove our church wrong. Everything that we tried to tell him about he would say "show me in the Bible where it specifically says that" and he wanted dates and places and names of everything that we were talking about. It was probably the worst discussion I have ever had with someone on my mission. We both ended up just bearing our testimony after about 20 minutes of trying to talk with him, left him a copy of the Book of Mormon, told him to read it, and we walked out of the room. It is amazing to me how people can be so hard-hearted and so stubborn. Even though I couldn't prove with hard facts and evidence the reality of the Book of Mormon I have never KNOWN the truthfulness of it more than I did at that point.

So yesterday we went to the walkway over the Hudson with our roommates. It was the coldest day of the year (it was about 17 degrees) and because you are on a bridge the wind comes sweeping down the river and the water makes it even colder. It was about 0 degrees in the middle of the bridge. This is in part why the email is coming today because my companion took forever to do things yesterday and we didn't get a chance to do it. Anyways we still had fun and I will send the pictures.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Have fun with the new daughter/granddaughter/niece.

Love Elder Fuller

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