Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rockaway Beach Cleanup Week 24

What's up Family?

It was great to hear from you. That is crazy how cold it is there. We are still between 25 and 40 degrees everyday. I am glad it isn't quite that cold here. haha That is so cool that Spencer is getting to help teach those new member lessons!!! They are so important and that is exactly what he will be doing on his mission! He should love every minute of it and really get to know those lessons from Preach my Gospel. That is wonderful to hear that all of those kids are coming to the mission prep class. I wish I would have had something more like that when I was there. Oh well, not too much I can do now. That is sweet that Cam is waiting for a call and that Spencer is getting his paperwork in. Is Jonny getting paperwork in yet?

So things are going well mission and teaching wise. Elder Picoli and I still have our disagreements and they aren't getting any better. President has told me to just continue doing what I know is right and just set a good example for him and that something good will come from it. Sorry I didn't write you guys yesterday. We meant to send emails off and because Elder Picoli was running late again we didn't have time to before Brother Smith and Alicia took us to the city. It was so cool to see everything you are going to love some of the pictures! We went up the Empire State Building, we saw Radio City Music Hall, Central Park, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and we rode the train into the city so we got to see Grand Central.

On Saturday, we got to go down to Rockaway Beach which is in Brooklyn to help do more service. Our entire mission went down (which hadn't happened yet) and we met up with the entire South mission. We were doing pretty much the same stuff we were doing the first time I went down. Just helping people tear out drywall, helping move moldy, wet, damaged items, and helping lift people's spirits. It is amazing how bad things are still down there. The worst part is that the city won't do anything more to help them out and every organization is working completely against the home owners. Parks and Rec. won't allow anything on the beach, the city won't allow anything on their front yards, and public sanitation is starting to limit what is allowed on the street. They are making all of the homeowners hire private contractors now to remove things and help clean up. So volunteers are no longer being allowed. People down there were still super happy to see us though and they all trust us so much. I had people stop me to ask for directions ( I had no clue because I have never been there in my life, but because of the vest they asked), I had some little kids ask for me to help pump up their bike tires, and I had little old ladies ask me to help sweep their sidewalks and porches. It is so much fun to help out!

Sorry for the shortness of the letter but I have a bunch of pictures for you! Hope you guys have a great week. Say hi to everyone and tell Crystal that I am excited to hear the news about the baby and tell Rob and Staci I am excited to hear about the house. Love you all!

Elder Fuller

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