Tuesday, January 1, 2013

No transfer--Week 21

Hey guys!
So to start off I wanted to say I didn't get transferred so I will get to spend Christmas with "family" afterall. This ward really does feel like family after spending 4 months with them. That is fun to hear that Bishop C.'s birthday was on the 12th. Who was there that had moved out of the ward? That is great that you guys had so much fun with the Jackson family this weekend. I sure missed being there! That is funny that the magicians joke didn't work because Nate really was adopted. What is even funnier is he only had a 25% chance of getting somebody who was helping out that wasn't adopted. Austin and Nate looked so big in the pictures! Oh my gosh! They already look way older and I haven't even been gone a quarter of my mission. I'm sure Michael is the same way!
Are you guys pumped for Christmas?!?! I know I am! :) I can't wait to open all of my presents! You guys will have to take lots of pictures and show me some of the stuff you get when we skype. Also I sent out Christmas Cards to everyone I'm not sure if they will actually make it by Christmas, hopefully they will. There will be a couple coming to the house because I didn't have an actual street address for them. If you would just hand those ones out for me? Plans are still up in the air for what we are actually doing on Christmas. We haven't been invited by anybody in our ward anywhere for Christmas yet but two families that we are pretty good friends with from the 2nd ward have invited us over for the day. So we will see if anybody from our ward invites us over if not we will just go to the other two families houses.

That is wonderful to hear about Mikel! It will be a lot of fun for her to go on a mission! Is there any word yet on any of the rest of the family or friends turning in papers or getting their calls? Did you meet the possible future spouses of Riley and Kaisha? What are they like?
So this past week has been kind of hard I have been struggling with my companion and I have been kind of sick. I think i just caught the flu, hopefully that is all that it turns out to be. My companion and I tend to disagree on a lot of things. Which is pretty hard especially when it is on issues of obedience. He tends to think that he is better than others and is always trying to prove to me that he is better than me. (gee, who does that sound like? haha) You guys always thought I took forever in the mornings to get ready, I get ready in like 15 minutes and he takes almost an hour and a half. We are constantly late to appointments too. Apparently there is something I need to learn from all of this because I am staying with him for another 6 weeks. I'm sure the Lord will help me figure things out (preferrably quickly) so that we can at least agree on more and work a little harder.
Our investigator Maria that had the baptismal date for the 29th fell on keeping the word of wisdom. She went out to a party with some of her friends and they kept pressuring her to drink with them. It is pretty sad because she was doing so good with it. So we are working towards mid-January now for her baptism. We have two other investigators who are getting close to accepting baptismal invitations as well.
So on Christmas Eve we are going to the Cotter's house they are members of our ward. They have the missionaries over every year. They invite a bunch of people over and we are having crab and shrimp and squid and all sorts of other yummy food! Sister Cotter is the one who makes the orange cake that I told you about a while ago. She wasn't planning on making one until I begged her to make it for me. haha :P Of course she couldn't say no! The fire department in the town they live in drives around every year on their firetruck with somebody dressed up as Santa and somebody as Frosty. I guess it is a pretty big thing. It will be quite the party Christmas Eve.
I got to go back to West Point last week and I took some pictures for you guys so look forward to those! I can't wait to skype with you guys on Christmas! I look forward to seeing more pictures from the Jackson Party and from Christmas day! Hope you guys have a great week and I will chat with you again on Tuesday! :)
Merry Christmas!!!
Elder Fuller

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