Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Years Eve Week 23

Hey hey!

Thanks for sending that package. It will be nice to have them. It sounds like you guys had a pretty fun week! That stinks that it had to end today! Hopefully Michael stays a little healthier this year. Geez Mikey! What are you gonna do with all of that money?! You might have to send some of it to me so I can help you spend some of it! haha

That is weird to think that Spencer can date college girls. haha Man you guys must feel old! That is cool to hear that Whitney and Zach got there mission calls. Both of those missions sound like they would be super fun! Who is Kyle engaged to? Are any of the guys from the ward getting ready to turn in their papers? Are they all still attending the Dad's mission prep class? How is that going? What kinds of things are you guys doing for it?

That is crazy, we haven't had that much snow in a while there in Utah. On Wednesday night and Thursday last week we got a TON of snow too! We got almost 4 and 1/2 inches of snow!!! hahaha Businesses were closing early on Wednesday to avoid the storm and the roads were completely empty before it even started to snow. Nobody did anything on Thursday because they didn't want to venture out in the snow. So we got to go shovel people's driveways all day Thursday. It was super wet and heavy. Needless to say after about 10 hours of shoveling wet snow we were all pretty tired and pretty sore. Friday about half of it melted and then we got about 2 more inches on Saturday.

Saturday was a lot of fun we got to go to a baptism of a little girl from the ward. We had to do our car fast on Saturday because we hadn't been able to do it the rest of the week. So we walked the 6.8 miles to get to the church. It was actually pretty fun. We stayed at the church to study and then helped set up for a wedding reception in the evening. We then got to help shovel and snow blow the church grounds. Afterwards we got to attend the wedding reception. It was really cool. They got married in Utah because that is where the wife is from and then had a reception there. They then had a reception here for the husband. The reception here was set up like a country picnic/fair. They had homemade quilts hanging around the gym they had cotton candy and face painting and some little carnival games. It was really cool I had never seen such a laid back wedding reception. Nobody was dressed up (except for my companion and I haha) even the bride and groom were just in jeans and flannel shirts.

So for New Years Eve we had to be in by 6 pm. So we borrowed apples to apples from a member and came home and played that and ate junk food until we were sick. Unfortunately we didn't even make a dent in the mountain of junk food that we have on our table that people from both wards just keep adding to. We brought in the New Year in each of our dreams as we were all in bed and passed out by our 10:30 bedtime. It was fun though to be able to celebrate at least a little bit.

Unfortunately we haven't been able to do to much actual missionary work with all of the snow and the holidays and the other things that we have had going on. Everyone has been out of town as well so the past week has been super slow. Things are rapidly returning to normal though!

Well I hope you guys have an excellent week! Have fun with all the snow!

Elder Fuller

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