Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tueller's Week 20


That is great that you guys are staying busy. It doesn't even really feel like it should be Christmas yet. What are Mikey and Spencer asking for this year? What are some of the family presents that you guys are getting? So just this past week President Morgan announced that if we want to wear anything more than just a shirt and tie we have to wear our suits and then we can put on a coat. That black jacket was doing just fine keeping me warm but it is the same size as my suit coat so it won't fit over it or under it. So I have to go get a new coat that will fit over my suit. I found one at Sears for $60 that I think I am going to get. So if you see that hit my checking account that is why.

What time will work best for you guys on Christmas for me to call? Then as soon as I found out if I am getting transferred I can figure out when will work best for me and I will let you know next week.

That is so funny that you said something about the Jackson Christmas party. I was just thinking about that the other day. I was like hmm... that is weird they never let me hear about the party and it is 2 weeks past Thanksgiving. Also speaking of family gatherings.... Do you know if we are related to a Golden R. Tueller? Elder Petersen one of the 2nd ward elders is related to a bunch of Tuellers. He was asking if we went to a Tueller family reunion ever and I couldn't remember ever having been. Then he said they usually have one every year up at Bear Lake. I thought geez! what a coincidence. How many Tueller families would have a family reunion at Bear Lake? So I was wondering if you guys knew any relation and he is asking about Grandma Tilly. Oh the joys of family history! :)

Momma D. I don't know what you are doing with your time now that Eric and I aren't there to bother you all the time. It is also hard for me to try and be good without you telling me to be every time I leave the house. :) I miss you guys and will miss giving you a hard time about keeping the house too warm with the fire.

So Maria Ganley finally accepted a baptismal invitation for the 29th of December. What a great New Year's resolution right?! I am so excited for her! Hopefully I will stay for one more cycle so that I can see the baptism. Then that would be two baptisms of investigators that I have seen from start to finish.

We are going down to West Point again today. My camera battery is fully charged and ready to take some pictures this time. So I know I will get some good pictures for you guys.

I don't have to much to write about this week so this letter is pretty short. Sorry! Anyways have a great week guys! Have fun at the Christmas Party! Tell everyone I say hi. I can't wait to hear what you guys do this year for it.

Love ya
Elder Fuller

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